What Is An Herbal Health Consult?

An Herbal Health Consult consists of an estimated 90-minute conversation with the herbalist, where we will explore your health history and goals, talk about your diet, what health care you’ve already tried and dig deep into what your individual needs and desires are for health and wellness. Small suggestions may be made during the conversation and a detailed list of recommendations will come to you via email within 2-5 days. These will include dietary suggestions, herbal suggestions (as well as where to find them) and potential routine changes. We will discuss specific herbal recommendations, nutrition and digestive healing as components in the recommendations I will be making; alongside sometimes small habit changes these can allow for major benefits in your overall wellness. 

A follow up consult will be scheduled with you after the initial session; this is an opportunity to discuss the success of the suggestions made and see if they need to be altered or adjusted in any way. I take into account what you are able to incorporate in your life at the moment, and once suggestions are integrated into your daily schedule we can start to see how they are helping you. Please keep in mind that herbal therapeutics are not a quick fix but a long-term solution as they work to rebalance elements in the body and help the root causes of illness.

Please schedule via my website scheduler; I have options for Zoom, Jitsi or telephone consults and if you are located in Philadelphia, I am open to discussing a safe, in-person session. 

We can discuss payment in detail through a follow up letter. No one is turned away due to lack of funds, if payment is a concern to your healing reach out and we can discuss payment options. 



Herbal advice is not a substitute for physician care.

I cannot diagnose, I can support you on your healing journey.

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